keratin treatment faq

Q:  How long does it last?

A:  Three to six months, depending on the type of shampoo you use (it should be sulfate-free), how frequently you wash your hair, and if you swim or go to the beach a lot.


Q:  How long do I have to wait to wash my hair?

A:  24 to 72 hours, depending on the formula we use, your hair type, and the specific recommendation of your stylist.


Q:  Can I sweat, run, go to the gym, run through the rain, or otherwise get my hair wet inside of the 24 to 72 hour window recommended by my stylist?

A:  No. (But if it does happen to get wet, do not iron it.  Use your blow dryer set to medium heat until it's dry.)


Q:  How straight can I expect my hair to be after the keratin treatment?

A:  We see straightening results of up to 65-75% in most of our guests.  Keratin treatments are intended to repair damaged hair not straighten it (it's simply a desirable co-effect).  If you would like stick-straight hair, we have other services we can suggest.


Q:  Will my hair be as straight after the first wash as when I walked out of the salon?

A:  No.  If you would like it straight again, you'll need to blow-dry and iron it -BUT- the good news is, it should take you considerably less time to do it now.


Q:  Is your keratin formaldehyde-free?

A:  We have a formaldehyde-free version available, it is manufactured by Pravana.


Q:  Which brand do you use?

A:  We do annual reviews of products (hair shows, industry journals, even personal trials) to find the products which provides the best possible results for your hair while maintaining the safety of your health and have found a product by BioIonic called Amino Acid Agave Treatment exceeds all the others by a large margin.


Q:  I'm also getting a color, when should I do my keratin?

A:  We recommend doing your keratin immediately following your color service, except when using the Pravana treatment.


Q:  How long does the process take?

A:  The length of your hair and the density of your hair are huge factors.  We suggest allowing yourself two to three hours.


Q:  My hair is considered extra long (hair longer than shoulder blades/bra strap), how much more will it cost me to have the keratin?

A;  Not much more, $25-50.


Q:  Do I need a special shampoo and conditioner?

A:  Yes.  It must be sulfate-free and salt-free.  We can guarantee the results so long as you use the shampoos and conditioners we recommend.


Q: I have more questions, what’s the best way to get them answered?

A: Give us a call and schedule a consultation. It’s the absolute best way to get answers to all of your questions. Consultations are always free, and take only 15-20 minutes.  Call us: 954.358.9707